Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ


Q: Are there any files hosted on this site?
A: No. This site contains only links to files, which are hosted in other places.

Q: I saw DVD releases on other sites in 720p resolution. Why do you post 480p?
A: DVDs in Japan are released in NTSC standard, which offers 720×480 resolution, so 720p offered on other sites it’s a lie, upscaling and cheating users. Our site is known for high quality releases. We post best possible quality releases and we never cheat our users. But in last days we started using new filters to try upscalse, so we post two versions, where 480p is original and 720p upscaled with filters (most of them are very good and people like it). You are free to choose which is better for you, but remember that 480p is native for DVD.

Q: Why do you add watermark to some releases?
A: We usually post releases at the same day it’s released in stores. We need to add watermark, since other people repost our stuff, so we get no profit from it and we wouldn’t be able to continue posting new stuff on release day. After 2-3 days, video is replaced with watermark-free version, which also comes with smaller file size and higher video quality.

Q: Do you post fakes?
A: No! Never.

Q: Password for files?
A: ‘biohrd’ or ‘erokuni.net

Q: Do you have IRC channel?
A: Yes, we have IRC channel #erokuni at irc.rizon.net

Q: What does it mean ‘RAW’?
A: It’s clean Japanese version. Without any subtitles.

Q: I downloaded file, but I have errors!
A: There are three solutions: You might have problems with your connection while downloading, so try download again. OR Don’t copy password from page, just type “biohrd” or “erokuni.net” in password field. OR Try different mirror. If it doesn’t help, write on chat.

Q: Could you upload “………..” series?
A: If it’s avaliable for us, sure. Go to REQUEST section.

Q: I downloaded hentai, but I can’t see video or screen is green/grey!
A: You need to update your codecs. Uninstall old codecs and install new. I recommend K-Lite Mega Codec Pack – LINK

Q: Could you reupload “………..” at dou.erokuni.net?
A: No, we can’t. There are too many releases published there and we are unable to keep them all on our HDDs to fix broken link 🙁 That’s why we closed comments on dou.erokuni.net