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  1. reupload this please?

    also there are a lot of deleted links on this kind of rips can you reupload them ?

    for example “Sei Shoujo The Animation” and “Sei Yariman Gakuen Enkou Nikki The Animation”

    i can give a full list

    thanks !

  2. Bro plz tell …is Kanojo x Kanojo x Kanojo! Ep 1 uncensored version is out yet?
    I asked media blusters fb page & they said they have already licensed it..please tell me..

    • Licensed doesn’t mean released. Also “The BD version of Kanojo is done but after my own QC I am just not happy with the quality of Episode 1. We have asked the licensor to deliver us a new transfer of the Episode and expect it to arrive soon.” – they said on FB.

  3. hey thank you guys for feeling the request around here.
    i want your opinion on something regarding the “watching quality” specially because most hentais are released in DVD format which is kinda old

    i mostly know 3 long running rippers that their rips are very distinguishable from each other
    1. hikoko123 – no offence but it looks like he’s loading the DVD into handbrake and presses start
    he almost always releases first, leading to many copying from him (some times even you guys).
    hes rips have a lot of problems like noise and badly interlaced lines

    2.maho.sub\okazu – they dont have any site that i am aware of, they just post their stuff on Nyaa.
    he uses different filters and sharpeners to “enhance” the quality to his liking, and the result looks rather good, but some times he sharpens too much at least to my opinion

    3.velka – to me he is a new reaper and i like his rips very much specially the ones of older hentai 2014-less.
    he fixes problems that some times present in the DVD himself and make a “clean” source rip without any problems and its very close the the source

    whats your opinion on this?
    here is a comparison between Velkas rip to Mahos rip
    i guess velka tried to make it as close as possible to the source or he didnt had enough time to work on it.

    what is your say in this?

    • Maho uses probably the same as hiki, just re-encoding with better filters. I guess he/she doesn’t rip by himself, it’s chinese rip from closed community. And it’s low quality.

      Yeah, velka is trying to do best he can to provide good rip, that’s why his versions are best.

      We usually deliver fresh rips much ealier than hiki, but sometimes shop didn’t deliver on time (like OVA JK Bitch ni Shiboraretai Vol. 1) and encoding takes time too. Upcoming week releases should be on time, much earlier than hiki 😉

  4. Hello,
    Before everything else, I wanna thank you for everything you’re doing on this site !
    BTW, is there any way currently to make a donation via bitcoin ?

    Also, do you have the 1080p BD rips for Tsundere Inran Shoujo Sukumi (with eng subs would be awesome).

    Thanks again !

    • We have Tsundere Inran Shoujo Sukumi BDs. Soon I will resume releasing subbed versions of HD rips.

      Yeah, we have BitCoin:

  5. Would you mind reuploading Inyouchuu Shoku? The links at nihonomaru are dead ( and the links on erokuni are for uncensored one (probably not 720p). The 720p torrent on sukebei nyaa se is dead too!

    Thanks for all the uploads so far! And don’t worry if you can’t find Inyouchuu Shoku again (the torrent is stuck at 8%, might move >.>)

  6. hey i wanted to ask something
    some time ago milky released resort boin in “blu ray”
    but it seems that there is not change in the picture quality what so ever…
    aint they adding detail to the animation when they release a bd?

  7. I was wondering if you guys could upload D-Brust’s new release “Cure Number”? Also, I wanted to thank you guys for all your hard work. <3

      • First of all thank you very much for your work.
        you posted resort boin[BD] on anime sharing.
        Baka na Imouto ep 1 and 3 sub and raw would be nice since I wanna archive every hentai(no worries only offline and no reupload).
        There are even more Hentais offline(obviously since you got a lot of high quality stuff) if you don´t mind I really would like to collect the broken links and send it to you via anime sharing.
        best regards

  8. Hi Biohrd, before you everything I would want to make you the compliments for your splendid job; distributing Souls Hentai to All the impassioned. In beaten second considering that you offer this service I would want to ask you the titles of Some Hentais that I have seen to my dawns from a mixed video, Not rieso to explain you them to words. Since here I cannot attach anything, and I have some Scan to make you see; is it possible possession one mail of yours at all or other I deliver for sending you her? If you want I can give you one mail of mine.
    Waiting for one answer of yours I send you Kindest Regards.

  9. Hi 😀 first: Thanks for all of the stuff here you do a great job; second: Could you please upload the green green series(Hentai game) and the steps to install the eroge (Hentai game), I want to play it since I saw the anime, please :c upload it, thanks for all of your work.

    • Green Green game has not been translated, so if you don’t know Japanese, it would be easier just to download CG.

      Eroge! game has been translated to English and if you downloaded cracked version, there is nothing you need to do, just play game, no need to install.

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