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by velka


This post is made for a single purpose – finish my quest on encoding all 16:9 released lewd anie may into 720p rip.
Because i always have something better to do, without people requesting i will never finish it. Thus i give you opportunity to request what ever you want to be encoded in HD.
How to do it and all necessary information you can find in the F.A.Q section in this post.

Not only the upscale releases will be posted here, but also BD(Blu-ray) encodes, there is huge back log plus i will be doing releases what already encoded, why ? Because they were encoded not win 10-bit AVC codec, there is few features what benefits HD, won’t go explaining thous, no one cares any way.



Q. – Who can request ? Do i need to do anything for my request, like donations ?
A. – Anyone, as long as you are member of EroKuni and can read this F.A.Q. or can use IRC and can read this F.A.Q Nothing, requests are free.

Q. – How can i request ?
A. – To place a request you need to send me private IRC message in the #erokuni room (Rizon) with following information :
1. Title name what you want to be encoded in 720p or a BD(Blu-ray). Title name must be in Japanese and Japanese only, i don’t keep my source files named in romanji.
2. Link to the official shop / retailer / home page – Something like getchu, DMM, reasoning for this – many database like sites have broken title names, i won’t be able find what you want without it.

Q. – The HD version isn’t really “THAT” HD mate.
A. – The quality very much depends on the source, and let me tell you – most of it shit. To keep any kind of details i will use very weak denoise or not use it at all. Most HD upscale what i’ve seen was horrible trash with washed out details.

Q. – How long will it take for you to fulfill my request ?
A. – From a 24h to few weeks, everything depends how busy i am. 30 k frames (~ 29m) of the video take around from 8 to 20h to encode.

Q. – Do you fill also subbed releases requests?
A. – No, only Japanese. For subbed ones, ask biohrd on IRC, Chat (available on site) or just write comment below.

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All releases are marked with tag Request releases , however here is also a list:

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4 thoughts on “Request Releases 【HD】

  1. Houkago Initiation (HD)
    Junk Land (HD)
    Kangoku Senkan (HD)
    Pinkerton (HD)
    Rinkan Club (HD)
    Sei Yariman Gakuen Enkou Nikki (HD)
    Toriko No Chigiri (HD)
    Watashi Ga Toriko Ni Natte Yaru (HD)

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