We are running this site without any irritating ads, unlike other sites and we are spending over $400 USD to buy new stuff and bring you new releases at EroKuni.

Help us continue our work, and please consider donating via Bitcoin.

Bitcoin address:

To encourage you to help us, we decided that we will post in public our exclusive BluRay or uncensored RAW (clear, without subtitles or watermarks) rips, encoded by velka.
Every $20 USD donated towards server cost, we will release all episodes of specific title (suggested by donators or picked randomly, if no one suggest).

Donations don’t need to be from one person. Example – if two people donate, 10$ each, goal is met and we will post one title from suggested by three donators (like all episodes of Eroge!, School, Maki-chan to Nau. series etc.).

Current goal status: $5.25 / $20.00 donated
$14,75 more and we will release next exclusive RAWs!
Released titles:
– Tropical Kiss (2/3, ep. 3 has not been released on BD yet) – RAWs here
– Sora no Iro, Mizu no Iro – RAWs here
– Oni Chichi Re-born – RAWs here
– Oni Chichi 2: Revenge – RAWs here
– Oni Chichi 2 – RAWs here
– euphoria (4/6, ep. 5+6 are not in stores yet) – RAWs here
– Samurai Hormone The Animation – RAWs here
– Tsundere Inran Shoujo Sukumi – RAWs here
– HHH Triple Ecchi – coming soon
– Imouto Paradise! – RAWs here
– Maki-chan to Nau. (2/4, ep. 3 and ep. 4 are not in the shops yet) – RAWs here

– (anonymous) $94.00
– (anonymous) $60.00
– (anonymous) $30.70
– (anonymous) $30.40
– (kuguri) $11.51
– (Seph) $16.44
– (anonymous) $11.27

Current USD / Bitcoin rate –

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47 thoughts on “Donate

    • Currently released by us are:
      – Anata no Shiranai Kangofu Seiteki Byoutou 24 J
      – Aneimo
      – Oppai no Ouja 48
      – Oshiete Re Maid
      – Tony’s Heroine Series Kanojo wa Hanayome Kouhosei
      – Anata dake Konbanwa
      – Beat Blades Haruka
      – Fuzzy Lips
      – Mesu Saga Persona
      – Resort Boin

      If you are looking for other, let me know and I will check if we have it.

  1. What about paysafecards?
    While I understand that bitcoin is the best way for you to remain anonymous, it is not the best solution for donaters (obviously creating a VirWox account, paying with paypal and after that transfering the coins to your account).
    The only solution for a donater staying almost anonymous would be creating an account while using a certain vpn,paying with paysafecard(20% fees) and sending it to you while using a bitcoin mixing serviece.
    But that would be way to expensive and tricky I would rather send you a 20€ paysafecard.

    • VirWox is one of many methods to get Bitcoins.

      But I like your idea and I think it’s worth to give a try with PaySafeCard.

      You can send code to [email protected]_same_as_your_mail (spam protection) and suggested title to release.

  2. I just send you the Code but with another Email.
    I really hope that more ppl are willing to donate now since Paysafecard is the best way to stay anonymous.

    To prevent exploiting donators should send you a photo of the voucher maybe?

    • PaySafeCard vouchers can be bought online too, so I don’t think photo is necessary.

      Where did you send e-mail? I didn’t receive anything. I have updated e-mail above.

  3. Hahaha now I get it what you meant with same as your domain I thought you were referring to the registration Email so I sent it to [anti-spam protection] and since I got no Daemon I thought it was fine.
    But yes I admit I was stupid. Please let me know if you got it now.

  4. Hello, I want to see more uncensored animations, especially PORO and Suzuki み ら。You can open an Alipay account, it is easier to donate。

  5. Hey do you guys have the raw of nudist beach vol 1 bd 1080p? [cut] got that one but it subbed. I would like to donate for that. Cheers

    • This is not BD, it’s web version downloaded from Pinkpineapple store. Since it’s not physical BD, and also DRM protected, we didd’t buy it.

  6. hola el BD de Wanna ~SpartanSex Spermax!!!~ Blu-ray HD版 la tenes si no la tenes la podes comprar me decis cuanto esta y te paso la plata en bitcoins

    • Hi, the BD of Wanna ~ SpartanSex Spermax !!! ~ Blu-ray HD 版 you have it if you do not have it you can buy it I can decide how much it is and I give you the money in bitcoins

  7. Hello can upload hentai BD from rinkan club and TENTACLE AND WITCHES in raw version if they can upload them with gusto would make a donation

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